Simple Breakfast for Houseguests

Simple Breakfast for Houseguests

A week or so before your houseguests arrive, ask them what they usually do for breakfast and lunch. I’ve found that my houseguests tend to prefer a simple breakfast and lots of strong coffee to start the day. I plan a simple breakfast, we grab sandwiches for lunch, and have dinner at a restaurant.

You can simply gather up these items and put them all out on the table and let your guests serve themselves. And, pretty much everything can be gathered the day before, with the prep for that morning, very minimal. 🙂 You’ll have a nice variety and everyone will be able to find something they like.

Here are Some Ideas for a Simple Breakfast for Your Houseguests:

  • Delicious Bread with Butter and Preserves.  Pick up a couple loaves of your favorite French or Italian breads, slice and put into bowls or baskets. If you can find some locally produced butter, that will be a luxury you and your guests will savour! Pick out a couple different flavors of preserves,…and maybe even some Nutella (decadent)!
  • Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Granola, and Nuts.  If you can find locally produced yogurt, share that with your guests! I would get some flavored yogurt and some plain yogurt. Raspberries, blueberries or strawberries are perfect with yogurt. Is cantaloupe in season? Grab one! Maybe some nice, plump raisins. A couple bags of gourmet granola and some almonds to sprinkle on top.

Fresh Fruit

  • Take Advantage of Your Favorite Bakery. Oh yeah! Don’t have to twist my arm on this one!  You know what you like! Is there something the bakery is known for? Have them box it up! Pick out a couple different things so you have a variety of deliciousness.

Take Advantage of your Favorite Bakery

  • Bake Something Simple. If you can swing it, bake your favorite morning treat! Because you will have already been busy getting your home set up for your guests’ visit, you may be a little low on energy and spare time at the last minute,…so decide on something SIMPLE and no-fail! Something you can literally make in minutes, the night before. You can even make a half-recipe if you are stretched on time. Homemade is always beautiful and your guests will smile with every bite.

Homeade Is Beautiful Madeleine Tray

Put everything in the center of your table. Use your favorite dishes and mugs. Keep the coffee flowing and decide how you are going to spend the day together-

 Have a Beautiful Day

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I'm an American living in a beautiful village in the France. I love to take photographs and I love to bake!
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    I’ve seen those luscious melons before😘

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