Warmly Welcome Friends and Family for Thanksgiving

New Tgives Pin

Fall sure is moving along quickly! Halloween is over and now its time to start planning your Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. When I was growing up, it was Halloween. Back then it was all about costumes and candy corn. Now, its all about setting a beautiful table, cooking and baking, and inviting people over to share a somewhat-traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Some people know exactly where they will be each year for Thanksgiving. They know where the dinner will be, who will be there, and maybe even who will be preparing what dish.

Some people reinvent their Thanksgiving celebration every year. They invite a new group of people or go somewhere different.

Some people have multiple Thanksgiving dinners, one night with one group, another night with a different group. Or maybe, Thanksgiving lunch at one home and dinner at another.

I love the hustle and bustle leading up to Thanksgiving. It’s time to ask everyone what they are making, what dishes they are using, who they are inviting over. I love it. I love hearing about what everyone is planning. I love swapping tips and recipes.

Do you know exactly who is coming to your Thanksgiving dinner?

Even more important, do THEY know they are invited?

Thanksgiving Postcard Invites

This is the perfect week to send out an INVITE to your guests.

I’ve got you covered with a nice little printable — Here is a postcard INVITE you can download and print or email. Yeah, it might seem silly to send something out when you’ve already asked your guests and they have accepted. I know. But, why not make them feel even more welcome?

I’ve made you a couple different options; a high resolution set and a smaller size option. Download the PDF Files right here:


There is a a front side (high resolution 6MB file): AWarmHelloTGivesINVITEpg1

There is a back side (high resolution 760K file): AWarmHelloTGivesINVITEpg2

Here are instructions for printing: How to Print TGives Postcard

And, finally, there is a single front side if you prefer to simply email (2MB file): CelebrateWithUs


Smaller (in resolution 830K and slightly smaller card size) AWarmHelloTGivesSmallP1

Smaller (in resolution 134 K and slightly smaller card size) AWarmHelloTGivesSmallP2



About awarmhello

I'm an American living in a beautiful village in the France. I love to take photographs and I love to bake!
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3 Responses to Warmly Welcome Friends and Family for Thanksgiving

  1. Monica Bruno says:

    Hi Gigi, we usually celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my extended family at an Uncle’s home and then we spend part of the day with my husband’s family at his mother’s home. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already approaching, it seems to come faster and faster every year. Thanks so much for the pintables, they’re so pretty!

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