Thanksgiving: Last Minute To Do

Okay, Don’t Panic! I Know We are Getting Down to Go Time!

I guess I’m kinda lucky! We are celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday not Thursday this year, so I will actually have 1 precious extra day to get things ready! How about you?

Last Minute To Do Pin

Before we dive into using a Last Minute To Do List for the Holiday, remember that everything does not have to be perfect! Are you short two dessert plates (I am)? A little nervous about using a new pie recipe? It’s okay. Me too.

3 Ways to Calm Your Nerves on Thanksgiving Day

#1. Be as prepared as you can be. And,…know that you are! Use the tools (like a To Do List) that help you the most and then tell yourself,…”It’s done”.


#2. Keep Calm and Thanksgiving On. Your tone sets the party. Wash your hands of your hosting insecurities and greet your guests with a warm hello. Ambiance counts for so much when hosting! If your guests feel welcomed and happy to spend the night at your home, you have a successful party.


#3. Focus on Spending Time with Your Guests. That means focus on THEM instead of worrying the little details of the evening that you can no longer change. Nope, you can’t switch silverware at the last minute; you just can’t. Of course you want everything to be perfect; that’s only natural.  Thanksgiving is about WARMTH. People will remember your kindness and the time you spent together above all else.



Guess what? I made you a couple printables to use for LAST MINUTE TO DOs. I hope these help you as much as I hope they help me! You get two versions (pick one or use both).

Version 1: A PDF  TGivesLastMinuteTasks

Version 2: An EDITABLE PDF TGivesLastMinuteTasksEDITABLE

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I'm an American living in a beautiful village in the France. I love to take photographs and I love to bake!
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