Hello! My name is Gigi (also known as gigipoo, which is what my Dad used to call me)!

I’m an American expat living in a tiny village in rural France. My husband and I have been here for about 1 1/2 year and we absolutely love it.  We have two cats, one American cat (Oreo) and one French cat (Rosie), both who are very spoiled. I love a beautifully-set table with lots of colorful dishes, napkins and flowers, a glass of wine every night, baking and eating raw cookie dough, and binge-watching Netflix. I’m happy sitting in front of my computer working on photos and checking out people’s blogs. I love creating printables: you can find my FREEBIES HERE.

I love taking and sharing photos on social media sites. I take and post a new photo each day of the week (well,…sometimes I miss a day or two…). You can find my photos (ALL SHARE-ABLE) organized by day by clicking HERE.

I love bright, saturated, contrasty close-up photos! Oh yeah.


I primarily use a Samsung NX3000 digital camera that I absolutely LOVE. I use Photoshop Elements to process my images. I typically crop my images and almost always add contrast, saturation and sharpening.

I write about ways to ADD WARMTH to your little corner of the world. For me, its how to add warmth to my home, how to stay connected to my friends and family in the US, and how to be a part of my neighborhood. I believe its always better to try to be kind and friendly. A smile can pretty much help anyone have a better day. You can find my posts about Adding Warmth to Your Home/World HERE.

photo of two cats sleeping close to each other

You can FEEL FREE to share ANY of my photos on this blog or on my Facebook site www.facebook.com/awarmhello on YOUR OWN Facebook page! You can either do that directly from this blog or simply visit my Facebook page, find an image you’d like to share, and click “share”!

A Warm Hello Star

*My blog is not monitized at all. I receive no income or free products as a result of my blog*

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  1. Your site is so cool and your photos are vibrant and stunning. Beautiful artistry!

    Liked by 1 person

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