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My goal is to create  images for YOU to share on your Facebook (or other social media) page.

I write about ways to add WARMTH to your little corner of the world. For me, its how to add warmth to my home, how to stay connected to my friends in the US, and how to be a part of my neighborhood. I believe its always better to try to be kind and friendly. A smile can pretty much help anyone have a better day.

You can FEEL FREE to share ANY of my photos on this blog or on my Facebook site on YOUR OWN Facebook page!  You may share, copy, or redistribute my images across your own Facebook page (or your friends’ Facebook pages) or other social media pages without any cost.

fb reach out love petI post a different image for each day of the week. Every now and then, I create an image for a special national American holiday, like “National Love Your Pet Day“!

I started sharing my photos on my personal Facebook Page after I moved from the US to France last year. It was my way of staying connected to my friends and family in the US. People liked my photos, so I decided to increase the number of people I share them with.

Most of my images are of nature or my cats. That’s because I live in a rural part of France and that is what I see around me, everywhere I look.

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